Team Stores

If you would like to set up your team store as a fundraiser, let us know!  After our base pricing, we increase the prices by 10%, which will in-turn go back to you at the close of your team store!

If you plan to keep your team store open all year long, we cut the 10% check back to you after each quarter. 

Individual Items

If you want to sell your custom items without the team store we can let you know the price break down.   We can help you create an order form for your items you plan to sell.  Once you have all your orders in, then we will create those items.

Popular Sellers:

-30oz Polar Tumblers Laser Engraved with your logo

-Embroidered Baseball Hats

-Embroidered Rally Towels

-Drawstring Backpacks 

-Laser Engraved Christmas Ornaments

-Laser Engraved Wireless Phone Chargers

-1 Color Printed T-shirts


 We do offer stock designs, but specialize in custom logos and designs for your project.   Have an idea for your fundraiser, let us know and we can make that idea a reality!  Email us or call us today!


Can I customize the designs further?  Yes - call or email us about which product you like and what you would like to change or add to it.  We will send you mock ups before we proceed with your order.  248-499-9303